HTXL – End of Time

Dear my fellow readers,

Today I would like to have a special anouncement. There has been so much efforts and sweats have been poured into this blog solely by me with supports from many nameless blog buddies, my fellow photographers, and (last but not least, you) my fellow readers. However, things get tough and I regret to inform you that HTXL has come to the end of its string. This blog has been my home to express my ideas and personality, but it’s finally time for me to grow and move on with reality.

You see, pictures are just pictures, but the images, the fragments of our lives, connect together, form the string of life; just like Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymine formed the string of DNA. The pictures contained in this blog somehow portray the generic traits of my personal being. You, the readers, gave me motivations to power this web and its functions. My stats showed a huge numbers of readers throughout the years without many comments! The majority of the encouragement to maintain this site is my courage, the persistence to seek the hidden beauties of our daily world; from the early sun rise to daily grocery shopping, everything is a beauty. And of course, much motivations also came from you.

For the past years, HTXL has grown into a small world within itself. I’ve managed to blog every single event I’ve been to. Moved from windy roads photography, to cars, to city, to nature, people, decorations and finally (the last wonderful category) dog, had given me so many priceless memories that will last a life time to remember. My goal of writing blog is to remind people to appreciate life and every little things that surround them throughout their daily; and that has never been changed. Life and its beautiful moments can be capture anywhere, anytime regardless of wherever you are. HTXL has grew into what it is today; a functional blog with variety of posts and a huge library of pictures. I deeply thank you for your supports.

Time will always be on the run and will wait for no one. The past weeks, I’ve made the decision to resume my long forgotten dream. It is time for me to fly out of this regime onto a new world where my abilities will be acknowledged and put into good use. The road from now on will be hard, unpredictable but exciting. Time is short and I will need to make the best out of it. It’s been a pleasure sharing my stories with you through all these times. I will miss shooting pictures dearly. It has been a really good roller-coaster ride with you guys. Farewell blogging and photography. If possible, I might see you guys again in the future perhaps.

HTXL now officially ends indefinitely until further notice.

Thank you for your craziness =]


Natural Bridges State Beach – Picnic

Natural Bridges State Beach is where we finally settled on after so much debates and arguments. Haven’t been to a beach for a freaking long ass time!!! So here is my little short coverage of the wicked cool event!


First off, let’s started with how we began our trip. Continue reading

June – Birthday

Die-Hard Fan of cars and speeding now please step a side for something annually important. It does make a difference and is important to everybody whether you’re the president of country or the leader or some angry guerrillas in the jungle.


It’s June! and there is something in the water! The Birthday!!! Continue reading

Adventure – East Coat – Part II

After a lot of fun with my family, I headed back to JFK to fly home. I didn’t have a lot of time to have fun around New York City because I barely have enough time to board the plane plus traffic. So I decided to have a quick run through the city to see things before I leave.


To make things short, I’ll just go briefly over what I saw, so you guys don’t have to go through my lousy writing. =]  Continue reading

Adventure – East Coat – Part I

I finally got back on my regular schedule. The jet lag and all those wrong timing really put a toll at my productivity. It took me a while to be back to normal. If you were wondering why I disappeared for a while: right after my busy weeks for final, I scrambled up my stuffs and went for a 5 days vacation in the East Coast!


The destination is Bristol, Connecticut. Continue reading

Trailing Light – San Jose Airport

After 3 weeks straight of gruesome work, I finally get to relax my finger on my camera shutter and have some awesome fun again! I am a huge fan of airports. They’re the place where people unite (or depart) from their  relatives and buddies. They’re the sacred places that change people mood and make women extra emotional.


As soon as I touch my camera again, it’s a total joy. I can’t really imagine life without my camera. Continue reading